Deportation and Removal

The Shea Law Firm Has More Than 30 Years’ Experience Helping Foreign Nationals Avoid Removal

As an immigrant, you face removal from the United States if you are charged with a crime or are caught living or working in the United States illegally. Retaining a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer is necessary if you want to remain in the United States.

Francis Jerome “Jerry” Shea has dedicated his 35-year career to achieving justice for the most vulnerable members of our community. He understands the heartbreaking prospect of leaving your family, your job and the life you built in the United States. As an immigration law firm, attorney Shea takes decisive steps to protect your rights to remain in the country you consider to be your home. Attorney Jerry Shea can represent you or your family member in::

  • Removal hearings
  • Bond hearings
  • Appeals

Removal hearings

Removal is formally called deportation. During immigration removal proceedings an immigration judge determines whether an immigrant should be removed from the United States or is eligible for relief under special circumstances, which may include:

  • Voluntary departure: You may be permitted to leave the country on your own accord and are eligible to return after 5 years.
  • Cancellation of removal: Whether you are a lawful permanent residents or a non-lawful permanent residents, you may be eligible to remain in the United States if you meet the specified requirements, including you resided in the United States for a certain length of time, your removal would be a hardship on your immediate family, you are a person of good moral character, you filed Federal Income tax returns and you provided financially for your family.
  • Asylum: The United States offers refuge status to immigrants who are in the America to escape political or religious persecution, or who, as members of a particular social group, face persecution if returned to their home country. Persecution comes in many forms specific to an individuals’ experience.
  • Adjustment of status: Over the years your life experiences evolve and may allow you to lawfully change your status to a permanent resident, which may also cancel your removal proceedings. Circumstances that may permit you to adjust status include you married a U.S. Citizen, your U.S. born son or daughter reached the age of 21 or you demonstrated good moral character for a five-year period.

Bond hearings

Occasionally, individuals are taken into custody by U.S. immigration officials, or an immigration “hold” is placed on individuals while in criminal custody. Francis Jerome Shea, P.A. has substantial experience representing clients who are detained and an understanding of the complex issues involved with immigration custody.

During some circumstances, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) may exercise discretion to set terms for release with or without a bond. In most situations a bond may only be set by an immigration judge. An individual’s freedom is essential while challenging allegations of removal in the immigration courts.

Consequences of Removal

Once removed from the United States, returning to be reunited with your family my never happen. The law prohibits you from reentering the country after removal, including:

  • Three-year bar for six months unlawful presence
  • 10-year bar for more than 12 months unlawful presence
  • Five-year bar if your removal is based on your commission of a crime involving moral turpitude
  • 20-year bar if your removal is based on a felony
  • Lifetime bar if your removal is based on an aggravated felony

An individual who unlawfully enters the country a second time after being removed faces federal prosecution, which may result in a federal prison sentence. These are all very serious consequences.


Attorney Shea has years of experience identifying appealable issues and presenting legal and persuasive arguments to the immigration courts, Board of Immigration Appeals and federal courts.

Do not delay in talking to an aggressive immigration attorney to protect your rights in the immigration courts

If you face removal proceedings or require representation to obtain a bond, call an experienced immigration lawyer.

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