Criminal- Felony

In 1977 when I was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar and later to the Florida bar and numerous federal and appeals courts, on each occasion, I raised my right hand and swore my oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and all the rights and protections to life, liberty and property provided to each of us by this sacred document.

In reference to the most serious cases involving the death penalty, I am one of only a few lawyers in North Florida that has the training and experience to be qualified under Florida law to represent defendants against whom the state is seeking the death penalty. I bring together a dedicated defense team for trial and during the death penalty phase that includes DNA experts, criminal forensic psychologist, and other experts and disciplines as needed.

Over the years I have earned a reputation in the legal community for my thorough preparation and firm commitment to my clients best interests. I am considered a polished litigator who regularly appears before the state and federal courts.

Because of my extensive experience and training as lead counsel in capital murder cases in which the State is seeking the death penalty I am appointed by the courts to manage a legal team of  criminal defense experts to develop a comprehensive trial strategy.

Of all the crimes that a person can be charged with a felony is an extremely serious and life changing experience. being convicted of a felony may mean a person’s loss of liberty. possibly for the rest of his or her natural life. It will mean a person losing their civil rights to vote, and to possess and carry a firearm, as well as forfeiture of property and substantial penalties and fines.

During the past 30 years as a trial and appellate lawyer, I have defended clients charged with crimes involving the most complicated felonies, including:

  • Capital murder cases involving the death penalty;
  • Murder in the 1st degree;
  • Murder in the 2nd degree;
  • Murder in the 3rd degree;
  • Manslaughter;
  • Assault and battery:
  • Possession, sale and trafficking in cocaine, marijuana and other illicit drugs;
  • International drug smuggling;
  • Rico and racketeering crimes:
  • Organized to crime syndicates;
  • Grand theft;
  • White collar crimes;

At the time of arrest, it is imperative that a person who is being arrested contact an experienced defense attorney and do not make any statements to anyone, including the police without an attorney being present. A simple statements such as, “I do not wish to say anything without the presence of an attorney” is enough to protect the constitutional rights of an individual against self incrimination. Remember anything you say during an investigatory interview can and will be used against you in a court of law.

The above referenced material is the opinion of Francis Jerome Shea and should not, under any circumstances be considered to be taken as legal advice.

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