For more than 30 years I have had the privilege to provide legal advice and professional services to the Jacksonville and national communities. During those 30 years my clients have entrusted me with finding solutions to some very complex legal issues.

I have represented foreign nationals throughout the United States and worldwide find real solutions to problems involving U.S. immigration and all related supporting legal work to establish a smooth entry into the United States.

Rights of Asylum-Seekers

With a great feeling of pride, my firm has effectively assisted resettlement of hundreds of individuals and families suffering from persecution due to their political opinion, religious beliefs or because they were part of a particular social group. We have helped a world renowned concert pianist, a military general and business owners of the former Soviet Republics, the wandering boys of the Sudan and young girls forced by religious beliefs with genital mutilation, all seeking refuge in a normal and productive society.

Visas for Treaty Investors

Attorney Shea, has effectively assisted treaty Investors from qualified countries to begin or buy a business qualifying to receive temporary and permanent VISA status in the United States.

When a Criminal Charge Affects Immigration Status

When a person is charged with a criminal offense they are faced with imprisonment, heavy financial penalties, loss of lifetime achievements and emotional devastation, both personally and for their family.

My experience as a criminal defense trial attorney has effectively made the difference for hundreds of individuals appearing before an Immigration Judge charged with being removable from the United States for domestic violence, unlawful entry, crimes involving moral turpitude and more serious crimes referred to as aggravated felonies.

As a criminal defense attorney I understand the effect a conviction will have on a person’s life. Whether an undocumented alien or a Legal Permanent Resident just being arrested for a criminal offense can result in being separated from his or her family and being deported.


If you have a valid claim for relief, or your constitutional rights were violated you may have a basis to appeal an immigration court decision to the Board of Immigratioin Appeals or the Federal District Court.

When selecting a criminal defense attorney to represent you it is essential that the attorney has the experience to develop an overall planned strategy for an effective defense.

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