Immigration Hearings

Under USICS immigration hearings take many forms.

Removal hearings are initiated by the issuance of a notice to appear commonly known as an NTA:

An individual may be subject to a removal hearings if:

The person had at sometime in their life entered as an illegal alien without authority and has never changed  to a legal status; (This could occur even if the the person was bought here as a child was under the age of 18).

The person had at some time in their life violated either a federal or state criminal statute.

The violation could be a misdemeanor, such as petty theft or a more flagrant violation, such as possession a controlled substance (a narcotic drug); possession of a firearm; a violent felony such as domestic violence or driving under the influence.

The person was married to a United States Citizen and received a benefit as a temporary legal resident divorced short of two years.

If you are to appear before an immigration judge without legal representation it is very likely that you will  deported.

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