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An appeal is not a new trial, but rather an opportunity for a higher court to correct errors that occurred at the trial level. An appeal can rectify the violation of an individual’s constitutional rights and preserve substantive and procedural issues arising out of final orders rendered by the lower courts. Based upon the arguments presented in a written brief — and sometimes oral arguments — the appeals court may overturn the decision, affirm the decision or remand the case back to the trial court for further action.

Francis Jerome Shea, P.A. is a Jacksonville-based litigation and appellate law firm that effectively files appeals in criminal, civil and immigration cases. During the past three decades, our Florida appellate lawyer has had the privilege to prepare and argue appeals before the state and federal courts of appeals.

The court imposes strict deadlines on filing an appeal. You should, therefore, seek assistance as soon as your trial ends or you suspect an error was made. Our Florida appellate lawyer can review your transcripts to determine whether you have an appealable issue. We give you our honest assessment about the costs of your appeal and potential outcomes and we recommend a course of action.

Criminal Appeals

The stakes are high when a judge makes a mistake during a criminal trial. You may receive a conviction, a longer prison term, a higher fine or the seizure of your property that violates your rights. Drawing on three decades of trying cases in the criminal courts, our attorney identifies appealable issues as a matter of course during trial. We determine whether judicial flaws contributed to your conviction or harsher penalties and we present a compelling argument for the appellate court to correct the injustice.

Civil Appeals

A mistake in the civil courts can cost you money, such as in a business or real estate dispute, or even your parental rights, such as in a child custody disagreement, or another loss. We candidly explain the process, the time and costs involved and the potential results so you know what to expect and can make an informed decision about whether to pursue an appeal of your civil trial decision.

Board of Immigration Appeals

The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has the authority to review the decisions made by immigration judges (IJ) and immigration agencies. Most cases before the BIA involve removal and deportation matters. In many cases, the BIA is the last recourse for immigrants and their families fighting for the right to legally live and work in the United States.

Our immigration attorney submits a written brief to the BIA that clearly and persuasively argues for relief available to you. We remain up-to-date on the constantly changing immigration laws and accurately recite the statutes that support our claims. Our substantial knowledge about criminal law may also benefit you if your case involves a criminal matter that affects your immigration status.

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